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Our Story

Ocean Reef Group, founded by David X. Cui in 2006, started as a small operation in the scenic coastal town of Astoria, Oregon. Initially processing American red sea cucumbers from local Native American harvesters. The company flourished under David's guidance, drawing on his skills as a Master Instructor and Rescue Diver. It soon became known for offering some of Alaska’s finest, fresh, and nutritious sea cucumbers directly to customers’ homes.


By 2007, increasing export demands exceeded the local supply, leading David to relocate the business to northern Washington State, closer to the Alaskan gateway. This strategic move expanded the fishing territories into Alaska’s pristine waters, creating an ideal environment for harvesting sea cucumbers.


In late 2013, Ocean Reef opened its own processing facility in Kodiak, Alaska. The plant features a specially designed, ultra-low-temperature freeze-drying technique, preserving the nutritional value of seafood at temperatures between -50°C and -70°C. Conveniently located near the airport, the facility ensures fast and regular air freight of Alaska’s unique seafood delicacies to numerous homes.


Over two decades, Ocean Reef has evolved into a leading seafood processing and export company, with a focus on Alaskan products. Its operations now include fishing, processing, freezing, exporting, wholesaling, retailing, and e-commerce. Its product range has also expanded from solely American red sea cucumbers to various Alaskan seafood, such as sea cucumbers, king salmon, black cod, yellow-eye rockfish, and Alaskan sweet shrimp.


Recently, Ocean Reef has diversified into other culinary areas, offering a range of products from mountain treats and farm produce to semi-prepared dishes. Throughout its growth, Ocean Reef remains committed to its core principle of promoting healthy food, bodies, and minds.

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